Lifestyle Action to Support Health and Wellness is the New Medicine of Today

Life can be busy and oftentimes, our health takes a backseat to keeping up! We can lose our balance.

Stress, chronic disease and other ailments require an awareness of the lifestyle choices you make every day. But life is complex. We are a product of our internal environments of beliefs, perceptions and emotions and of our external influences such as certain foods, families, friends and communities. Changing behavior habits seems difficult, but if you do it in the right way, it can naturally occur with ease.

That is where I help. I provide a client-centered whole person approach (mind, body, emotions, environment and energy) to empower individual action and to create a supportive environment. You emerge into the healthiest version of yourself and align with your goals and needs along the way. It is a win-win.

Let focusing on your health be the door to open to a greater way of being here in this lifetime. Learn your unique process of change so that you can utilize it over and over, empowering yourself so that you are in charge!

CORSI Health Coaching partners with individuals and organizations to provide:

  • One of the most caring, effective and results-based approaches to building healthy habits.
  • Innovative and proven behavior change techniques and tools to create Personalized Health Action Plans.
  • Practical steps tailored to your needs and values that create a path to reaching your long term goals.
  • Mind-body tools to work with the Whole Person for change.
  • A corporate wellness culture that creates a cohesive and enhanced vibrant atmosphere of self-care support to the employees through programs, assessments, Lunch&Learns, Group and Individual Health Coaching and other added benefits and programs.

    Change the way you feel and you change the way you live.

    Start today. I am here to support and guide you to be the expert and authority in your own health and wellbeing.

    “Corsi Health Coaching helped me find my motivation and take steps to change my eating and exercise habits and release stress. I now maintain a healthier and more balanced lifestyle, and have lost 9 pounds!"
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One size does not fit all with changing individual and organizational health behavior. I tailor this process to clients’ unique health goals and needs, and aligned with a company's mission to create a true transformation in one's ability to make and sustain health changes.


Changing behavior is complex as it can affect many areas of one’s life. I provide a clear, nonjudgmental approach with effective tools and processes to empower clients to take action and organizational strategies and programs to support this action.


On an individual level: decrease stress, eat healthy, enjoy exercise, build mindfulness, quit smoking, manage life’s transitions, manage chronic ailments, balance life, increase energy, find ‘me’ time, and embrace change. On an organizational level: create an environment supportive to employees' health goals, reduce absenteeism, increase productivity, decrease healthcare costs and build an overall sense of a wellness community.

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